About Us

Designing and Implementing Innovative, High-Impact Solutions for Smart Cities

Global Futures Group (GFG) is a worldwide network of experts and executives who guide both public and private clients in using urban technologies and data to create smart cities. We build innovative ecosystems and optimize the use of technology and data for economic growth and sustainability.

GFG recognizes both the challenges and the opportunities that unprecedented urbanization, environmental risk and complexity creates. GFG is a driver of transformational change that discovers and promotes positive disruptors, innovators and policies that are able to build next generation processes and infrastructure. Working with urban leaders and residents, we listen to  their pressing problems and then design smart cities solutions that make cities more vibrant, sustainable, and livable for today and tomorrow.

Global Futures Group delivers smart cities solutions for optimum impact:


  • Consulting
    We work with governments, communities, NGOs, developers and companies to create vibrant cities by building bridges across constituencies, aligning interests, and by applying innovative smart city technologies and practices from around the world that work.
  • Financial Advisory
    We mentor and build financial strategies for high-potential smart city start-ups and high-growth companies.
  • Smart Cities NY 
    We co-host, with Emergence Creative and Cornell Tech, an annual conference featuring new solutions that assist cities in meeting the challenges of climate change.
  • Expanding in the US market 
    We assist companies from around the world in capturing their share of the rapidly growing  smart cities market in cities around the world.
  • Civ:Lab
    A agile, creative non-profit which promotes urban innovation in cities  in the US and globally.

smart cities are on the rise

Co-Founders and Principals

Jerry M. Hultin

President. Specializes in strategic advice for smart city design and growth. Former President of NYU Polytechnic and Under Secretary of the US Navy.

Dr. Jules L. Coleman

Jules is a Principal and Co-Founder of the Global Futures Group. Prior to GFG, he had a distinguished academic career, including nearly three decades as a Chaired Professor of Law and Philosophy at Yale and most recently as the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning at NYU. The author of over a hundred academic articles and books and a renowned thought leader on global education and life long learning platforms, Jules has received numerous fellowships, honors and awards, most recently the Medal for Lifetime Achievement by the Attorneys General of Peru.

Harjiv Singh

Harjiv is the Principal of GFG in India and the CEO and Co-Founder of Gutenberg Communications, a public relations firm with employees in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, London, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Harjiv works extensively across a diverse range of industries including technology, real estate and investment management.

May Lee

May Lee is the Principal of GFG in China and a sought-after partner for companies and organizations wishing to be successful in highly competitive, global environments. May is currently the Dean of the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at Shanghai Tech. May was previously the Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai, the Chief of Staff at Merrill Lynch, CEO of Fly Communications and a Vice-President at Goldman Sachs.

Ji Mi Choi

Ji Mi is the Chief Operating Officer of GFG. Ji Mi was previously at NYU in multiple roles, most recently as the Assistant VP for Global Programs Planning. At NYU, she had also served as the Senior Director for Integration, leading the historic merger with NYU of the affiliated Polytechnic Institute of NYU, where she was the VP of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff. Prior to NYU, Ji Mi served in critical roles at the United Nations Development Programme, and Columbia University, most notably as Chief of Staff of the Earth Institute. In addition to her deep higher education experience, Ji Mi has served in entrepreneurial roles with a dotcom start-up, start-up nonprofit organizations, and political campaigns.

Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri

Simon is the Director of Research & Strategy for GFG. Previously Simon worked at the Urban Future Lab providing innovation management to early stage startups and was the O'Mara Fellow at the NYU Center for Global Affairs with extensive experience in China and the Gulf. Prior to New York, Simon received a BS Hons in Economics and Philosophy at the University of Sussex and an MSc in International Business Economics at the Westminster Business School, both in the UK. In 2014 Simon founded the NY Smart City and Energy Data Meetup. He is a Google Solve for X Scholar/Mentor and serves on numerous non-profit boards in NYC and has written for multiple publications.